I HATE Hunters !

by Kimberly J Tilley

IDAHO, you really suck!  I hope all of you that slaughter these majestic, beautiful wolves die a horribly slow and very painful death!

There are plenty of deer and elk.  There are not enough wolves. 

Yellowstone was absent of wolves and it was nearly dead.  Wolves returned to Yellowstone and it flurished.  So how can you think that destroying a wonderful species is your answer to HUNT more?!   Your deer and elk will become ill, weak, damaged because their natural predator is not there to take the weak.  I’m sure weak genes will eventually take to the demise of the deer and elk.  Not to mention starvation.  But I think that is what you are hoping for.  With too many deer and elk, that will just open up more hunting seasons for you, won’t they!

Perhaps it is your stench of death that scares off your “game”.   With all your murders under your belt they can sense you from a distance and run to hide.  Then there’s all the logging and mining and recreation vehicles.

Have you not learned anything from the Dodo incident.?

Oh, that’s right you value no life except your own….and those you can whore out.

I have been in Idaho for 3 years and I have not seen 1 wolf.  So if there are too many, where are they?  Please tell me because I would really love to photograph their beauty.

You know what I have seen, COWS.  Cows are e v e r y where, stinking up the state, destroying the terrain. 

Here’s something to think about, Conservation areas are suppose to be left untouched by MAN to save a species, to be kept wild, NOT to let your cow stomp around for $1.00 a head, and certainly not for you to commit your murders. 

When we were living in England, we were able to go out to reserves and conservation areas every weekend it was not raining or foggy.  But you know what, here, we can not do that.  We can not enjoy the beauty of the wild because the conservation lands of America is for hunters, not families to enjoy the beauty of Nature.  And it PISSES me OFF!  I am so sick of your kind and I hope one day there will be no more of you!

Here is something else we have seen since being here;  your m i s s i n g elk.  We probably have seen at least 5,000 elk.  5,000 elk to 0 wolves. hm mm, do those numbers even matter to you ?

 elk2799 elk2798 elk2797

Here’s something else you are apparently missing, that we have seen soo many times also.


In my opinion, Idaho has plenty of deer, elk, and even pronghorn to satisify both the dumbass hunter and the wolf populaion of today and the future.

 burn in hell for all eternity