by Kimberly J Tilley

I have opened an Etsy shop to sell signed photographs.   I only have a few on hand.  As soon as I get a chance I will have some more printed up and added to Etsy.    On the other hand, I have also set up a page on for people to order photographic prints too.  But these will be unsigned and shipped directly by the professional print shop. 

I updated Developing Nature.  There are Katydids and Praying Mantis photographs added to the insect collection I have on the CafePress shop. 

I was in a mermaid creating mood this week and have added three mermaid digital paintings to my Zazzle gallery.  The one shown below is my favorite.   I also changed up the look of the shop.  And I don’t understand why one of the mermaid images can not be used for a stamp.  How is it inappropriate for a mermaid to lay on a beach? Oh, well, it’s no biggie.   


I also put up some infant girl clothes on EBay earlier this week.  And I decided that EBay was getting too expensive in fees and will be using Overstock Auctions starting in June.   I have four boxes of clothes and some baby gear that is taking up room in the garage.  I want to turn the garage into a play area and exercise room.  So, we’ve got to clean it out.

We are watching a friends dog for 10 days.  I do not understand how people can live with more than 1 dog, they are a lot of work.  I am used to being followed e v e r y single step I take by our dog and sometimes our cat.  The cat has been in hiding this week, because the guest dogie does not listen to our cat’s warning.  It’s very hard to move when you have a dog on either side of you, or one in back or front, or both in front.  It’s like they conspire to trap me, especially when its time to get something to eat.  For some reason my food tastes much better 😀