A message for the spamming Russian(s)

by Kimberly J Tilley

Please stop.  It is very rude and time consuming, for me.  If you do not have anything better to do in your spare time, read a book.

This is not a forum.  This is not a place for others to chat with each other.

I will post when I can, and when I have something to say.   Most who know me, are probably surprised about the amount of posting that I do.  I am not a talkative person.  I do not chat for the sake of hearing my voice or conversing with others out of loneliness.

There will be grammar and spelling errors, this is not an essay being passed into the teacher.  Slacking happens on the net.

And then there were comments, that I did not understand what you were referring to. 

Just stop the spam.  Your spam is not going to be posted.