Plain box to Jewerly holder

by Kimberly J Tilley

I have a few store gift boxes from samples of lotions and body sprays.  This one box I was contemplating on using for a shadow box, a table top jewelry box or a hanging box.  Because this is the only open top box, I chose to go with a hanging jewelry box.  And because I could not find clear plastic to use as a cover for a shadow box filled with seashells.



Here is what I used

  • acrylic paint
  • picture hanger
  • hooks
  • glue; hot glue, craft glue, Elmer’s spray adhesive
  • decorative craft paper
  • cardboard box – I always do my crafts on a cardboard box to minimize messes

To achieve the color I wanted to match my different shades of  brown velvet and silk bedroom, I mixed gold and black paint for a shiny bronze color.  I painted the gold hooks white to better match the craft paper I had picked out to use as a background for the box.  After the paint had dried, I glued the paper into the box.  Because the paper was multiples of scraps, I first glued them together, carefully lining up the pattern.  Then using the spray adhesive, I glued the paper to the box.   After the glue dried,  I screwed in the hooks.  You are going to need to apply great pressure and steadily turn the hooks just as you would into a wall.  Depending on the size of hooks you use, you may need to shave off the ends if they protrude too much out of the back.  Next,  I glued the top to the box.  I lined the inside of the cover with hot glue and pressed  the box  down onto the cover until the glue dried.  After the glue dried, I turned the box over and glued the picture hook with the hot glue gun.