Jeans turned into Treasure box

by Kimberly J Tilley

I usually stash away the kids clothes that they ruin with holes and stains to save for reusing in crafts or for when I find a local establishment that will recycle them.  Well, today was the day that I decided I will change that store gift set box into a useful box.  I took my daughters old jeans cut out the embelishments and back pockets and some of the belt loops.  I first turned the pockets into little hanging bags.  I figured, get the easiest part done first. 

First thing to do with the treasure box is to lay out the jean on the box to see where the pieces will fit together.  I glued on some batting on the cover and in the bottom of the box.  I did not have enough of the jeans to cover all the box because size 5 toddler are not very big jeans.  So, I cut up a onesie to line the inside bottom.  I used one of the belt loops as a latch, with a jewelry toggle to hold the box closed, and so the littlest one does not get into the box so easily.  I used a spray bond to glue the materials to the box, and as you can see I used a little too much in some spots.





My daughter also wanted to do this project.  So we decorated a tin box that holds her beads.  She also got a new headband out of the project.  The pants we used for her box had an elastic waistband.