Dragonflies and Bumble Bees

by Kimberly J Tilley

I have spent most of the day over at  my RedBubble gallery updating the account with new photographs.  There are sixteen new photographs of bees and dragonflies.  All the photographs are available for sale as Greeting Cards, Matted Prints, Laminated Prints, Mounted Prints, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints and Posters. 

The photographs were taken during our trip to New Hampshire.  There is a set of bumble bee photographs, where it is shown pollinating and then leaveing the flower.  There is a set of photos with a dragonfly…. how it is on a stem coming out of the brush. You’ll see, well that is if you check out the gallery.   Most of the photographs are numbered because I could not think of a proper title.

P6632 by Kimberly Tilley

This is my favorite dragonfly picture.

A Gentle Kiss Goodbye by Kimberly Tilley

This is my favorite bee photo.

Go to my Bubblesite to see more dragonfly and bee photographs.