Fairy to Vampire

by Kimberly J Tilley

This week I worked on some fantasy artwork for my Zazzle shop.   I also updated the look to something more simple but interesting.  I made these images with Poser tubes and my photographs in Photo Shop and Paint Shop Pro.  The one titled Natasha and Goddess of Universe are my favorites.  I love the colors in the goddess one, they are so bold and vibrant.  And I was so happy to put the tunnel photograph to use.  It was taken a few years ago when we were in Great Britain.  I have the paintings for sale mainly only on paper products, and the creature from the painting available on t-shirts, bags and some other things that the full painting did not look good for printing on.  I am going to try and find time to do a digital painting of a dragon this coming week, and maybe some more others too.  School starts on Monday, and it may be difficult to work on anything. The little one is not going to like this.  She has been her big sisters shadow all summer break.


The Great River Divide

A black unicorn patroling his domain. The fast moving river keeps his forest safe from others.

A Glow in the Garden

A little garden fairy is caught by surprise as she zipps in and out of the grass.


Natasha is a beautiful but deadly beauty. I'd stay clear of the tunnels she likes to hunt in.

Goddess of Universe

A beautiful goddess has control of the universe in her hands.