Atlas Moth on

by Kimberly J Tilley

I just added these three photographs of an Atlas Moth to RedBubble.  I was kindly invited to join a group that was having a contest for patterns found on wings.   I entered the close up photograph of the Atlas Moth wings.  It looks like a great group with an interesting theme, and I can’t wait for more contests in the future.  The group is called Shapes & Patterns.  They are also having a contest with a Cathedral theme.  I do have pictures of Cathedrals and churches from when we were living in England, but they are tucked away and I am working on something so I’m not going to dig them out.    The contests ends soon, so if you like to find shapes and patterns in everything its a great group to join on RedBubble.
A side view of an Atlas Moth on a tree

A side view of an Atlas Moth on a tree

Attacus Atlas

A photograph of an Atlas Moth on a tree

Wings of Atlas

A close up photograph of an Atlas Moth wings