What is going on?!

by Kimberly J Tilley

IT seems that everything that can go wrong is.  I have never had so much trouble with a computer until we got this Dell two years ago.  I really wish my husband took my advice and replaced the older Dell with a MAC.   Last night there was this faint high pitch noise.  I thought it was someone outside, who decided that 12 am was a good time to use the weed whacker or something.  But I guess it was the computer dieing.   The laptop is having issues with the battery and keys keep popping off, and it’s not as fast as the desktop. 

Our bank account isn’t doing well either.  It hasn’t since my husband’s job took him away from the overseas job and brought us state side where the paycheck lost $700 a month.  He said he was thinking of getting a second job again.  I said sell one of the vehicles.  We tried turning both vehicles  in for one hybrid.  But they wanted a few thousand dollars too, and there’s no way we can do that.  So if we sell one vehicle we can save $400 a month, to put towards other bills.   We are hoping to hear about other job offers soon.  We have not been in one area for more than four years, and that four years we liked.  It’s been about three years in Idaho so we are hoping our time here is coming to an end.  Besides his contract is ending this summer, so if there is no other job offers for somewhere else he’s retiring and we are going back home to NH. 

The cat caught a mouse last night.  I was wondering way she was going soo crazy after I went to bed. But I figured it was just her releasing more of her energy (she tends to be a bit rambunctious at night after the kids go to bed)  and she would be up to bed soon. I was wrong.  It was her chasing after a mouse.  When we came back from our summer trip, I thought I heard something running around in the walls, or floor, or roof.  My husband said he saw a mouse in the garage a couple of months ago.  I hope there’s no other mice counting on her support.

I know things could be worse. But when you have a mellow life, with plans and goals on a schedule and then one thing goes wrongs, and another, and another, it just seems like everything is crashing down on you.  On the bright side, I will have nothing to do but to work on my novel and hope that Harper publishing accepts it, and then I can buy a MAC and never worry about it falling apart, crashing, loading errors.  And for some unknown cause, my sons school grades are good.  It is something that will always be a mystery to us.  We still have to fight with him to do his homework, and sometimes he forgets his homework at school.  But he comes home, most of the time, with 100s, and nothing below a 75.

You are probably wondering why I mention Harper and did not say a publisher.  Well, I would like my books published an Eco-friendly way, and Harper is the only publisher that I am aware of that using an Eco-friendly printing press.  The use recycled paper and vegetable based ink. The only other option for an Eco-friendly view is to print on demand only. And this could take a long time to achieve or a lot of money upfront.  With Blurb, you upload your book and wait for people to buy.  With Author House, you need at least $500 upfront for them to print a certain number of books, and you wait for people to buy.  With a well known publisher your chances of being “seen” are greater.

My plan was to organize my PODs and then finish writing the story and have it ready to edit and type up by Christmas break.  Hopefully putting the hard drive in the freezer will get my work back so I can stick to my plan. I like plans, especially when they work out well.