by Kimberly J Tilley

If you have been following me on Twitter this week, you would of seen references to me making some necklaces.  Well, here they are.

I made these necklaces for my mom and my sisters.  It’s “birthday season” in my family,  and money is tight right now. So, I thought I would make them something original.

I used steel wire,  saved from the dump.  And the ribbon is recycled from clothing.  The seashell was collected on a beach from our time in England.  I washed and polished it before using it.   The faux pearl necklace is strung on a sterling silver wire.  It is too flexible for me.  I had a difficult time tying it off.  That wire preferred to stay straight.

I like the red and clear amber beaded necklace the best.  My daughter kept asking if any of the necklaces were for her.  So, she gets the one my mom and sisters do not pick.

Yeah,  I sent pictures, asking them to pick one out.  I don’t want to send them something that they will not be happy with.  I already feel bad enough not being able to buy something they need for their home or want for themselves.  Besides knowing that soon they will be seeing us for the next four years, after an eight year absence is a good gift. 😉