Recently in my Life

by Kimberly J Tilley

So we moved.  We are in our home state now.  It’s nice.  It would be better tho if man hadn’t messed up the atmosphere, and we had snow.  Just 11 years ago, or so, I was standing in snow up to my knees, and now some snow falls, then it melts away.  The kids were so excited about being able to play in snow for once, and there is none.  It is sad.

This house is expensive to live in; it’s a rental.  We were unable to find a house for sale, that would fit our criteria…like unoccupied, because of the short time we had to find a house to live in.  It’s been a month, and I already can’t wait to leave this house.  It uses up so much energy, it is very wasteful, and I think it has a ghost.  That part is no bigy, as I have been around them for many years.  I just hope nothing like Paranormal Activity happens with the kids around.

None of the appliances are energy star, and they are at least 10 years old.  Such energy hogs.  The doors and windows leak.  And just this morning I found that outlets are letting in cold air!  Our first electric bill was $180, and our gas bill $318.  The owners want to eventually sell this place but that is not going to happen with out putting money into this house.

When the snow melted away, I discovered that the lawn had been overtaken by new tree growth, and the lawn is severely covered in leaves.  I was thinking that when the ground thaws we could dig up those trees and plant them somewhere else on the property.  And the leaves, they will be racked up into a compost pile.

There is also an issue with water getting into the basement, which is semi finished, which is great for us because our couch could not fit in the living room, so now we have two entertainment rooms. Um, anyways, there is a spring in the backyard, and I was just thinking if there were water plants along the stream would less water get into the basement, if the stream is taking part in the flooding.

In my opinion if they want to put the house on the market, this is what should be done so they can receive the amount they are hoping for:

  • repainting the house inside and out.  It is horribly painting.  They painted very messy, on top of wallpaper, and the paint is peeling off the outside, plus the colors are terrible.
  • It has to be  energy efficient, there is no getting around that. People do not want to spent over $400 a month on energy use.
  • The door to the master bedroom needs to be turned around, it opens into the hallway.  The closet doors to the bedrooms need replacing, they fall off track easily, it’s annoying.
  • The upstairs carpet needs to be replaced.  It is so old the vacuum and steamer have a hard time making contact to clean it properly, and it’s a bad color.
  • Someone painted the banister and side of the staircase…why I do not know, it looks terrible.  It’s hardwood, why why why would someone do that.  I have never seen a hardwood original staircase/banister painted before.
  • The kitchen lighting is horrible.  I have to turn on all the nearby lights. Why, because the main kitchen light casts shadows all over me, all I see is shadows around me, it’s disturbing.  So I have to turn on the light over the sink, stove, and a open counter area, just to minimize the disturbance.
  • Molding is missing in some areas, and in others it doesn’t match.
  • The doors, need a lot of help, I wont say why…but it is a big issue.

What I do like is that it is on a quiet street.  A nice enough neighborhood that allows an old, fat Labrador to roam around, and nobody is freaking out. So I don’t think I have to worry about finding our Shepherd being shot at or something for getting loose.  In Idaho  cops shot at any dog they choose.  It is also near a conservation area.  We have lots of birds around that I am trying to photograph.  Just this morning a flock of turkeys were here.

I recently cleared my email accounts.  There were so many emails for end of the year donations, and I had lots of petitions to sign.

After we moved in hubby had to go away for a few months.  I didn’t like how some people acted about this.  It is part of his job requirements to go away for some time, whenever needed.  It’s not the first time this has happened and it’s not going to be the last, so long as he is employed.. In fact he has to go away again later this year.

I got upset with people making me feel incompetent, like I can’t take care of myself, the kids, and the house with out help.  Why would they think that my husband takes care of everything?  Most of the time I feel, that all he does is sleep at home.   There are plenty of single parents out there that do perfectly fine.  My mother was one of them.

I am slowly uploading pics to the PODs, so keep an eye out for new additions.