Squirrel In My House

by Kimberly J Tilley

Last night, I noticed my cat was trying to climb the fireplace, then I saw why.  There was a squirrel on the bricks.  I put my cat and dog in the kennel and proceeded to catch the squirrel.  It did not go well.  It hid behind the entertainment stand, out of my reach.  I made a trap.  I took a square tissue box and filled it with some carrots, almonds and granola cereal and placed in in front of the squirrels hiding spot.  I hoped it would be hungry and go into the box, then I would put it outside.  I waited up for as long as I could, and went to bed with a squirrel in the house.

This makes me wonder if this squirrel had been in the house since Friday.  For some strange reason my cat had a problem with the fireplace Friday night.  She was in stocking mode on the fireplace.  I was afraid she would jump in it.  After about 30 minutes of me taking her away from the fireplace she finally gave up on attacking the fire.  But I wonder if the squirrel was in there.  But there was a fire, why would a squirrel be so close to fire?

This squirrel was not like any I have seen before.  It was the size of a chipmunk, grey like a squirrel, had a bushy tail like a squirrel.  But it also had a stripe along its side and extra skin.  I looked squirrels up on Wikipedia, it is a flying squirrel.  I have never seen a flying squirrel in New Hampshire before.  I know we have gray squirrels and red squirrels, but did not know we also had flying squirrels here to.  Probably because they are nocturnal.

At 5:21 am, I got an uninvited guest in my bed.  I heard one of my paintings fall.  I thought that was strange.  The wall did not give any indication that the nail had given to drop the painting.  I just hung it up and went back to bed.  Then little paws scurried across my pillows.  The squirrel had gone up stairs to find a way out.  All I could think was if it gets in the closet, I will never be able to find it.  I closed all bedroom doors and the bathroom door, just to find that it followed me into the hallway.  I thought, well that will make it easier to catch it.  Wrong.  I tossed a sweater on it, it jump on me and flew down the stairs.

Again, I opened the front door in hope it would go outside.  I searched for it.  Found it in the kitchen, it ran into the living room.  I lost it.  I looked everywhere, under everything about 3 times.  I decided I needed better seeking gear.  I enlisted my cat first.  I let her out of the kennel.  I figured she would be easier to catch before she damaged the squirrel.  Well she was unable to locate the squirrel to. She remembered the squirrel on the fireplace bricks and was only interested in that area.  I let my dog out, she put her nose to the floor and went all over tracking the squirrels every step it had taken in the house.  She too had no luck in locating the squirrel.  I figured it had gone out the door and went to bed.

This morning, the kids said they saw a squirrel.  It still has not been located.