New Spring Photos

by Kimberly J Tilley

I spent the last two days adding new photos to my Zazzle store, Developing Nature.  You will find photos of Lady’s Slippers, Lilacs, Bumblebees, Tiger Swallowtail butterflies, Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts, a Barred Owl, a Fern,  Lily-of-the-Valley, and Indian Cucumber Root.

I was very happy to come across the Pink Lady’s Slipper during a hike at a lake.  It was one of the species I was hoping to find and photograph since being back in my home state.  Although this Pink Slipper was much taller than I remember seeing when  I was a kid.  And the Yellow Slipper’s were found in a bundle.  One spot held a good sized group of them.  I hope this endangered plant is in recovery.

The Indian Cucumber Root was an odd site.  Here were these large green leaves, and tucked under were such tiny lily flowers.  These plants are endangered too.  But back before settlers, they were harvested for their root.  It tastes sweet and smells like a cucumber, and that’s how it gets it’s name.

I’m going to showcase these two photos.  In my opinion they are the best of the bunch.  I love this bleeding hearts picture, I did such a good job.  And the owl, was a perfect model, but he was trying to sleep, so it wasn’t that difficult to photograph him.  This owl photo is the only photo that I have on Zazzle that is allowed for printing on Ties.  So, if you have a friend who likes owls, and does not have too many ties, this may be a good present to give 🙂

And here is a Zazzle panel scrolling through the new prints; pretty flowers and a handsome Owl.