Can We Keep It?

by Kimberly J Tilley

Yesterday I kept hearing rustling in the yard.  I did not see anything outside.  Later in the day I heard it again, but this time I saw what was the possible cause of the noise, a turtle.  We rushed outside to observe the turtle.  My little one kept petting it.  I sent a pic to hubby, and I get a reply back, “Can we keep it?”.  Everyone wanted to keep the turtle.  But we cannot keep a wild animal, I told them,  the turtle needs to be outside where it can eat all the bugs around the house.  I had to take some pictures to print out for my daughter so she would agree to stop petting the turtle, and it could go on its way.

We have a stream that feeds into a shallow pond, I was not certain anything lived in it.  We have seen turkeys, ducks, and deer tracks around.  It is nice being in a wild suburban area.  The busy, city areas are not for us, we need wildlife around.  I enjoy listening to the birds chirp, instead of aircraft, trains, traffic like we were used to for the past 9 years.

I had seen a pair of Mallards in the shallow pond.  I was hoping to see little ducklings around, but have not spied any nests; I guess they just stopped for the day.  The land is over grown, hard to tell where the wildlife habitat area ends and the lawn begins.  I would like it cleaned up, maybe open up the pond area, let more sunlight in.  Maybe then we could have more nesting around the house.