NO No No No No no!

by Kimberly J Tilley

I can’t believe this is happening.  I knew this day would come, but seriously……  What greedy bastards! The fighting has escalated and it is horrible.

I remember growing up with the discussions of what will become of the old farm house I grew up in.  The older brothers gathered around talking about how She should not have the farmhouse because she is not their kid because she is adopted.  I remember the old man being upset about how he did not even have one foot in the grave, and there was sibling rivalry going on about the farmhouse.  A farm house that the brothers had no care about!  A farm house that they did not live in!  A farm house they did not enjoy!  It was just a farmhouse of dollar bills to them.

I remember hearing that the old man had fixed this problem by writing in his will that the farmhouse would be donated to the NH Audubon Society.

The mother and father are very old now, and time is short for them.  With a lost mind the brothers twisted things around and the farmhouse is now for SALE!  Not even what it is worth.  It is a house of history.  It is over 100 acres, with beautiful wilderness.

I grew up in that old farm house and I hate to see it go into the wrong hands.

What a horrid family full of hate, greed, and deception.

I should point out that this is my evil step-mother’s family.  My dad has taken care of that old farm house (it is one of the oldest standing buildings in Hillsborough County)  for 20 years.  That farm house is the only reason why he stayed with his horrible cheating wife who treated his daughters like crap.

Funny thing, only one brother is the old mans, the daughter is adopted, and the eldest son is from a previous marriage.  So why the two boys ganging up on her, i don’t get it.   I wonder if they are fighting over the big white house in town too?  Or is a brother getting the house so they don’t care.  I don’t see it on a real estate website.  What a man’s world….

And a note to the future owner of my old farmhouse, yes that was a tug you felt, and no there is nobody standing behind you.  If you find something miss placed, it was moved by a playful spirit.  There is a lot of history on that land, you expect there to be no ghost?

So you want to know a bit about the house?

The old man worked the farm as a young lad.  The couple who owned the house, did not have any children to pass the farm to.  He was like a son to them, so when the couple passed away, he inherited the farm.  He loved the farm.  He would go up and make sure my dad was taking good care of  the house.  He would go up to visit the house.  He would go up to find something to do around the farm.  By my time,  the barn was falling down.  One smaller barn did eventually come down.   I don’t know about the big barn, but it is in no shape at all.  The slaughter house is sturdier, mostly made of stone.

And if you notice the extra window upstairs, and cannot figure out it’s placement.  There is a hidden room through the closet.  Watch your head, it’s not for standing in.  I always wondered why there was a hidden room.  Was it part of the underground railroad?

There is a beaver pond we hiked out to in the summer.  My dad liked to check on the beavers, to see how well they were constructing the dam.  And also to check on the fish, look for tracks…he was a hunter; terrible I know.  The fields were good to snowmobile through in the winter, and the hills fun to slide down.

I liked being there, mostly alone.  I liked knowing that all I had to do was step out the front door, and I could get lost in fields, woods, or just replenish by the creek.  I took most of my photographs for my photography class in high school out there.  I have no idea where any of the pictures or film are.