New this Week on Zazzle

by Kimberly J Tilley

This has been a busy week.  I have added several new photographs to my Zazzle store, Developing Nature, and I have been working on painting my girls bedroom furniture and getting their messy small room reorganized.  We are also weeding out toys.  How do kids end up with so many, when we buy just a couple a year?.

I have added a few photographs of seagulls that I took at Hampton last weekend.  I have added some flower photos that I took around the property.  I now have apple blossoms, blueberries, blackberries, rhododendron, hydrangea and clematis added to the store.  I also added a few black ties.  I had added a tie with the Barred Owl photo back in May.  It was the first and only.  I needed to add more ties.  So I picked a few more animals to add to the tie collection.  So now my ties consist of an image of a tiger, eagle, zebra or owl on a black tie.

Here are a preview of the new photos that you can find in Developing Nature.  I am going to bake a berry pie for 4th July BBQ, and make delicious burgers out of beans and spices.  Have a safe holiday weekend!