The friendly Arachnid among Flowers

by Kimberly J Tilley

This weeks additions to my Zazzle store, Developing Nature, have been images of flowers, plants and a Daddy long-legs.  Interesting fact about the Daddy long-legs, its nick name is also used for two other bugs, the Crane Fly and Cellar Spider.  This arachnid has also been unchanged for millions of years.

Title: It was Berry Nice to Meet You

Some pretty flowers added are Cosmos and Zinnias. Some interesting photographs of flowers I added are Black-eyed Susan’s and Day Lillies.

Peaceful Harmony print

Title: Peaceful Harmony

Johann's Beauty print
Title: Johann’s Beauty

Near the End print
Title: Near the End

Aging print
Title: Aging

See why I said interesting?  Most people prefer the stimulating, pleasing, freshly bloomed flowers.  I think anything that catches my eye is an interest in beauty.

And then there is the invasive Knotweed. Not sure what I am going to do about this plant. But for now I leave it to the wildlife that are enjoying its berries and sweet nectar. It’s growing among the blackberries, and I don’t want to get all cut up, so I will wait for the plants to go into hibernation mode before chopping the Knotweed down.  I have no idea where this plant came from.  It just showed up in July and is as tall as the shed.

Polly print
Title: Polly