Ducks, a fuzzy caterpillar & the beginning of leaf peaking

by Kimberly J Tilley

I was walking around the yard and spotted a orange fuzz ball on a leaf of a vine that grows on the deck.   I went and fetched my camera, and took this picture of the caterpillar.  I think it belongs to the Tiger Moth family.  I also submitted this photo to JPG Magazine photo challenge, Abstract Imagery. This photo has nice lines created by the plant, and garden panel.

The leaves have started changing color. It’s a good time for leaf peaking.  But it’s been wet, so be sure to check the weather report before heading up north to see the colors of the leaves.  I’ll be adding more Autumn leaves to my Zazzle store in a few weeks.

I also added a couple more duck photos to the store. This one, shown below, was waiting for my daughter to toss some food to her.  The ducks also had their toes nibbled on by some trout trying to get to the food first.  The ducks knew the fish were there, and still were startled each time it happened.  But who likes to have their feet in someone else mouth any ways.