Here is What is Going On

by Kimberly J Tilley

As you may have noticed there were no postings on any website during most of the winter.  It was just too busy at home and I had to figure some things out regarding my photographs.  This post is to let you know of some changes that have taken place.  My artwork is now just available on  I have deleted accounts at, and  I had a great year at zazzle. And so I thought why have so much artwork scattered over so many PODs, especially if they were not working for me.  So they had to go.

I will be opening up a new zazzle store soon.  This store is going to be the opposite of Developing Nature.  I will fill this new store with still life photography and man made objects/structures/creations, such as fireworks and architecture type stuff.

I have updated my website with a new look and new photographs have been added.  I will be working on adding new photographs to my zazzle store Developing Nature and then work on getting the new photography store ready for shoppers after.

Have a great weekend!