2nd Group of Butterflies

by Kimberly J Tilley

A few photographs of a couple of different butterflies were posted on my zazzle store, Developing Nature, today.

The first product image I am displaying is a collage print of all three of the Clipper butterfly photographs I have added today.  You can find each individual prints on many of the products offered by zazzle in my shop.  I even made up a portrait collage poster, so you have a choice of two collage styles; and you can also change the background color to match your walls.   I actually printed these photos out at home, I have them displayed in a 4×6 collage frame.

The next set of butterfly prints are of Common Indian Crow butterflies just hanging around the garden.  V was spotted quite aways away.  It came out with such a great angle.  And the second one, well I just like things delicately hanging onto or off  of leaves.  I hope to have more added tomorrow, but we’ll have to see what happens.