On the Night of May 26

by Kimberly J Tilley

I don’t know if its the heat or because it is late Spring, but the critters were very loud last night.  My son even came down from bed complaining that he can not fall asleep because they were too noisy. I told him, if he would hurry to fall asleep, he wouldn’t hear them any more. LOL.  I love the noise, it’s way better than traffic noise. 

My husband is away, so I sent him a recording to remind him of home. 😀 He is happy to not be here. He doesn’t like the noise, even a little cricket bothers him. 😦

I am more interested in knowing what they are.  I think the majority of the noise are probably frogs, but there is something that chimes in with their song every few beats.  I don’t know what it could be, it sounds like a little monkey, but I know there are no wild monkeys in NH.  Maybe its a flying squirrel.  The sound is very faint in the first recording so listen carefully. The second recording is just shorter and louder in general.   I think it saw me moving to the windows to try and record the sounds because I had to wait a few minutes to  hear it again.

The interruptions that you will hear on the recordings is from my cat trying to get in the window too.

Does anyone know of an app that identifies the vocals of animals.  That would be a cool app to have my husband download on to his iPhone.