2 New products

by Kimberly J Tilley

Summer is a very busy time for me.  But with the heat wave going across the US, I did manage to sneak in a quick up date on Developing Nature.  And I have added some new photographs to my gallery, so you can hop on over and see some recent pics that are expected to be added to my Zazzle store, Developing Nature, at a later date.  I have yet to add any new photos for purchase at Zazzle because it is very time consuming, and there are three “bored” kids at home that need to be entertained and schooled while the public schools are closed for a couple of months.

New product update. Zazzle has added iPod touch cases and Doodle speakers.  I went and randomly selected photos to be printed on these two new items.  Here are a few product images & links.  And thank you for helping me reach Zazzle Pro Seller status.  It was very exciting news!