Fallow Deer

by Kimberly J Tilley

I added three photographs of a small herd of Fallow Deer that were basking in the sunlight, to my zazzle store Developing Nature.   Some deer are black and one is white.  There was one buck surrounded by about five does.  You can find these photographs on many of the products offered by zazzle.  I was a bit distracted when I was adding the photos to the merchandise and may have skipped some products.  If you find that a photo should of been added to a product, it’s ok to request it.  Also “I Hear” is not available on the wrapped canvas because I got frustrated with the canvas size and gave up.  I am also giving up on waiting for the third photograph to show up in the store to give you a link, it’s time for us to go eat lunch. 🙂

First Love Photo photoenlargement
First Love Photo ©Kimberly J Tilley
While observing these deer, I noticed that the two in front, the white doe and young buck, moved in unison. It seemed as tho they can communicate with each other without a spoken language.


I Hear Photo photoenlargement
I Hear Photo ©Kimberly J Tilley
Something got the deers attention, and they all moved their heads at the same time.