Anti-Bullying Awareness Event

by Kimberly J Tilley

I have sent my friend Lelia of, Parents Against Bullying, four photographs to auction off at her Anti-Bullying Awareness Event on October 8 at the  Laconia High School. These photographs were recently taken in Maine.  They are not available for sale yet.  They are the first prints and are signed on the back.  The photographs are size, 10×8 and are matted on 14×11 boards.

The bee on the red flower is actually from a set of images that will be made available later.  It is really neat, because the bee’s tongue is out.  I have never seen a photograph of a bee with it’s tongue out, have you?  If you have I would like to see it, I think it’s an exciting rare capture.

One photograph is of Black-eyed Susans, and another of a couple of white Asters.  And the fourth photograph is of Admiral butterflies on Asters.  This was a tough shot to get because they kept fluttering around, I think they were matting, or trying to at least.  Or maybe fighting, anyways they were to engaged in an activity to know that I wanted them to be still so I could photograph them with ease. 😀


So, go forth and bid to buy the prints and support my friend’s cause so that children can feel safe at school.  Visit for more info.



These photographs will be auctioned off at the Anti-Bullying Awareness Event. Date: October 8, 2011 Time: 16:00 - 20:00 Location: Laconia High School 345 Union Avenue Laconia, NH