Mount Washington & Fall Foliage

by Kimberly J Tilley

We journeyed the Mount Washington Auto Road on this past Saturday, October 8th. It was a nice sunny day…weekend in fact. There was a lot of traffic, it took us longer than it should of have to get to the White Mountains. Luckily we knew a few short cuts so the trip via i93 was not to harsh on us.

The wind was about 70mph when we got there. The kids thought the wind was fun, even tho it did knock my son down, and he almost took someone else with him. We couldn’t really tell if my youngest was crying and scared or laughing. She was mostly huddled up into my husband. Of course we couldn’t hear anything anyways, the wind was all that anyone could really hear. But when she could, she did shout, “I’m blowing Away!”, followed by laughter.

Below are some of the pics I took. They are also viewable on my website in their respected gallery locations. I won’t be able to have the photos from this trip in my Zazzle store any time soon, I have lots of pictures already in Que that have to be added first. It is really busy at home I don’t know when I will be done. But shouldn’t it be that way anyways, a photography store that is never ending work. Always making photos, now just need time to add them. 🙂

Old Man of the Mountain photograph ©2011 Kimberly J Tilley
Old Man of the Mountain

The Mount Washington Hotel photograph ©2011 Kimberly J Tilley
The Mount Washington Hotel

Silver Cascade photograph ©2011 Kimberly J Tilley
Silver Cascade with Fall Foliage

Silver Cascade Fall Foliage photograph ©2011 Kimberly J Tilley
Silver Cascade

Autumn Foliage on Hill  photograph ©2011 Kimberly J Tilley
Fall Foliage on a Hill

Autumn Birch Tree photograph ©2011 Kimberly J Tilley
Tree with Autumn Foliage

Purple Flowers with Autumn Mountain background photograph ©2011 Kimberly J Tilley
Flowers with a colorful Mountain background

Mount Washington Observatory building photograph ©2011 Kimberly J Tilley
The Mount Washington Observatory