October Snow Storm

by Kimberly J Tilley

We watched the rain quickly turn to snow on Saturday afternoon. It started out as a regular New England Autumn day. A bit chilly, a little wind. Then the wind picked up and it started raining. Then the rain drops got bigger, thicker. The snow first came down wet, then it turned to the pretty delicate snowflakes. That lasted just a minute as the force of the water falling from the clouds quickly changed to the hard falling snow.
We lost power soon after 8pm. In viewing out the windows of our home, it was apparent why. The trees were leaning, heavy with snow. The cars were moved out of reach of the potential hazard and we soon went to bed.
We awoke to a mess and the entire area is havoc. No one could believe, a snow storm in October had come this way. We had about 10 inches of snow piled around us. Trees down everywhere. Power lines across lawns, streets and highways. The kids were happy, for there were to be no school for days. Children played and attempted to sled down any hill they could find nearby. All Sunday parents weighed their options, checked on friends and family, and searched for help.


Here are a few photographs of the damage that was done on this property.  The photographs were taken with my camera phone through the house windows.  We got power on last night, in time for us to heat up the bedrooms before bed.