New Web Pages

by Kimberly J Tilley

I have been working on a new Zazzle store. It will feature my still life photographs and photographs of man made objects.  It is not near completion yet, but there are enough photographs displayed in the store that a few sales have happened before I was ready to advertise it.  Here is my new Zazzle store URL:

I have fireworks, the American Flag, some fresh cut tulips, a few photographs of my cat, and some seashells. I will be adding the rest of the seashells that have empty folders on the site through-out this week. Then over time I will be adding more firework pictures, some T-t-V photographs, some more pictures of my cat, more flowers, and I will also add pictures of my dog. I will be going through all my photographs that I have saved in my computer, there is a lot, so other categories will be added.

Another change is that I have a new Facebook Fan Page. I had a difficult time in trying to update my Facebook fan page over the past few months.  Yesterday I made a new one.  My new Facebook fan page is: It would be great if everyone updated their “Like” to this new page.  If I ever do get the edit button back for that fan page I will be deleting it.  I’m sure you can’t have two fan pages for the same info.