Working on adding New Products

by Kimberly J Tilley

It seems that I am always working on my zazzle account. Zazzle had released over 15 new products recently and that stopped me in my tracks from working on my new store. I have gone through one of my stores and added most of the new products. I am working on updating my second store with the new products. I’m not sure if I will go back to the new store and finish adding to it or update the older two stores with new artwork. I have so many photographs to add to Developing Nature. And I want to add a lot of old digital artwork from when I had my other Print on Demand sites to Digital Creations.
I hope there is no new product releases for a while, so I can get all of this done. But for now take a look at these new products in Digital Creations. There are new magnets, coasters, and prints. Check out the dish sets. You can bring home a matching set of plates, mugs, teapot and a pitcher. New notebooks, tile top keepsake boxes and laptop cases.