A Fairy, A Bird & A Goddess

by Kimberly J Tilley

Over the past few days I have added three new pieces to my Zazzle store, Digital Creations. You can click on the display images shown below to go to the store category to see what products the images are on. I just added the Dragon Goddess, so those products wont be visible in the store for a few hours, or maybe not until tomorrow.

Reach for the Stars Little Black Bird Dragon Goddess

Reach for the Stars, is a fairy sitting on a crescent moon silhouette surrounded by stars. This image was created from tubes.
Little Black Bird, was once a photograph. I made the image transparent and added some drawing effects in Photoshop.
Dragon Goddess, is a woman that is half serpent with wings. There is a golden orb behind her, and a little dragon is flying to her from behind the orb. This image was created using tubes and applying paint effects.

Zazzle added decor pillows and some more kitchen accessories. I will be working on adding those items to my store this week.