Waterfalls in Winter

by Kimberly J Tilley

So we haven’t had snow this winter, we decided to take a hike out to some waterfalls.  Most like to view them in the spring and summer. But what about viewing the pretty icicles that build up on and around the falling water.  If you go only during warm weather you are bound to miss out on an adventurous site.  Now with that said, one of the waterfalls is a bit dangerous and you should not go with small children that are not used to hiking.  My kids go every where with me,  they have been hiking since they were babies and know to watch their footing and to keep away from ledges.

We had planned to go to four waterfalls yesterday, but only made it to three.  The kids had fun running around in the woods.  Tossing sticks in the creeks and racing the sticks down the creek.  Hubby tried to be a show off and go rock hopping on the rocks below the falls.  Yeah, he slipped once and hit his head.  lol

I have hundreds of photographs to go through, but thought I would share one of each waterfall for now.

A black and white photograph of Tucker Brook Falls. ©2012 Kimberly J Tilley.

Tucker was a good hike in the woods. Very easy to get to. A nice quiet woods. The kids had fun playing here.

A black and white photograph of Purgatory Falls. ©2012 Kimberly J Tilley.

Take extra caution when visiting Purgatory Falls.  The side of the hill is steep.  Water flows from the ground and rocks.  There is a lot of ice right now. And if you are coming in from Wilton, the bridge is a balance beam.

A black and white photograph of Garwin Falls. ©2012 Kimberly J Tilley.

Garwin was a favorite of the three. The water kept falling and twisting.  Some sections of the falls is snowed and iced  off.  It is interesting to see.  Right now there is a large patch of ice on the hike down.  Keep to the edge and you should be fine.  Or scoot down on your butt like the kids did. ;p