The Dragonfly & the Iris

by Kimberly J Tilley

I walked in the garden and noticed that I was being watched.  I was being watched by a little orange dragonfly.  The dragonfly was perched upon an old Iris flower that had lived out it’s blooming life-span.  So, I did what naturally comes to me, I photographed the dragonfly.  The dragonfly was a perfect little subject to photograph, it just stood there and watched me.  It was a good portraiture moment, I didn’t have to keep requesting the subject to look into the camera, sit still, smile.  I added the three photographs  shown below to my Zazzle store, Developing Nature.  You can stop by and check out the products by going to

dragonfly P1925 Photo zazzle_photoenlargement
dragonfly P1925 Photo available at Developing Nature


dragonfly 1926 Photo Enlargement zazzle_photoenlargement
dragonfly 1926 Photo Enlargement available at Developing Nature


dragonfly P1928 Photo zazzle_photoenlargement
dragonfly P1928 Photo available at Developing Nature

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