Hello July

by Kimberly J Tilley

School is out and I have not been doing much creating or working on updating my Zazzle stores since the last week of school. It’s a real bummer to, because Zazzle just release some new products. Now I feel ever more behind on the upkeep of my Zazzle stores. But I have not stopped photographing the wildlife or landscapes. I have been taking photographs, just not spending a lot of time going through them or uploading many to any gallery.

I did find this Disney Villains T-shirt contest interesting over at threadless.com, and I entered the contest. With the threat of thunderstorms looming all last week, I thought it would be good for me to do something creative with out the kids help. Well, mostly with out the help of the kids. 😀 I did need to do some research on the subject matter. And we re-watched a few Disney movies. I chose to work with the evil Queen from Snow White. You can view and rank my design by clicking here. There are fourteen days left to vote on my design. There are seven days left to enter the contest if you were interested in it.