Meet My Chimera

by Kimberly J Tilley

I made a Chimera. It is not exactly to Homer’s description, as I think it is odd to have a goat head protruding from the lion’s back. My Chimera is the body of a lion, with a snake for a tail and a goat’s head. It does breathe fire.
The Chimera is now available in my Zazzle store and you can view all the products it is available on by clicking here. The artwork is on a transparent background, so background choices are free for you to match with your decor. Please note that not all products are live in the marketplace at this moment in time, but will be soon. You can purchase this artwork on items such as mugs, throw pillows, coasters, t-shirts, fun accessories, and other items for your kitchen and office.

Chimera T-Shirt ©2012 Kimberly J Tilley.
Chimera Mug ©2012 Kimberly J Tilley.
Chimera Mousepad ©2012 Kimberly J Tilley.