Glen Ellis Falls

by Kimberly J Tilley

After our visit to Mount Washington we went down the road to check out Glen Ellis Falls. It is currently a low water level river with few cascading little falls. The water is fast paced, clean and cold. The area has good views of the mountains covered in the fall foliage. There is a small parking fee and parking is limited.
You have to go through a tunnel under the highway to get to the other side of the road, where the river and cascading waterfall is located. The tunnel has a nice echo, so of-course we had to play with our voices during the short walk.

Here are some pictures of the little cascading waterfall before the big waterfall.

The foot path and rocks are slippery. There is a viewing area along the river with a high stone wall. This is good for viewing the mountains. As you can not get a glimpse down to the river.
Another second viewing area is at the level of the mid section of the waterfall. But it has a five foot stone wall, so for a short person like myself it was not a good viewing spot. All you can do is look up to see the top of the waterfall.

Here are some photographs of Glen Ellis Falls. It was a bit crowded for a small viewing area, so I could not get a complete shot. Sometimes I get the feeling that I am holding people up when I go out shooting. Whether it is someone I am with or another visitor. I just don’t like feeling that I am getting in the way. And I didn’t feel like hanging around for the area to clear so I could get the entire scene of this waterfall.