Summer Memories

by Kimberly J Tilley

“Summer Memories” is the title I bestowed upon the new photograph I just added to my Zazzle store. It is a photograph that I took during a trip to the White Mountains National Forest in October. On a trail I saw a lone white flower among the grass off to the side of the footpath.

I have been finding that a few plants are fighting against hibernation with the cold we have been receiving this fall thus far. Almost all of the leaves are off the tree limbs, yet a few flowers still flourish and some berries still grow. Did we not have a frost yet this fall? It is suppose to snow tonight and it is incredibly cold outside. Soon the plants have no choice, they must sleep the winter away.

There are new acrylic key-chains available in the Zazzle Marketplace. I think they are better than the older styles that is available.