Snow and Ice

by Kimberly J Tilley

With the doom of a blizzard hanging over the area I thought it would be a good day to post some pictures from last Sunday when we drove up north to find some snow to play in.  We did not find much snow and it was a bit windy to let the kids hang out and play in the little snow there was.  We did take to a short trail at one of the waterfalls off of the Kancamagus Highway.  And here are some pictures from Sabbaday Falls.

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While waiting for the right moment to take this picture, I spotted the back-end of a small black mammal “falling” to the backside of one of the rocks on the left side of the picture (the cluster of three). I did not see it appear on the frozen river, but I was watching for the people on the trail in-between the trees to walk out of frame. I did not see a tail. I figure it must have been a Weasel, Martin, or Fisher.

winter river snow rocks ice frozen

A black and white photograph of a frozen river, with snow-covered rocks. ©2013 Kimberly J Tilley

winter snow river trees rock roots

Rocks and tree roots emerge from the snow-covered river bed. ©2013 Kimberly J Tilley.

Now this picture may not find many fans, but I thought it was an interesting scene. I’m sure some creative thinkers could see something out of this, I know I do.

One reason for our trip up north into the White Mountains National Forest was to see the mountain tops covered in snow. We were disappointed because there was not much snow to play with. But on a good note the sky was beautiful, clear and blue.

I hope that we do get a good amount of snow in this storm. The kids really want to build a snow fort, go sledding, and I want to photograph some snow/ice/frost covered trees. 🙂