24″ Snow Fall is Normal

by Kimberly J Tilley

I have a petition from the Forecast the Facts team in my inbox about the recent blizzard here in the North East. I am not going to sign it. I think they are right but, they are also wrong. Yes, man has made the climate wacky, but it is not odd for New England to get blasted with 24 inches or more of snow in one storm. I think if they were to word it differently or put the entire weather system of New England on the petition I would sign. But like I said, a snow storm like this is not unusual. We New Englanders love the snow and welcome it any time during the winter months.

What is odd about New England weather that I have observed since returning to my home state in 2010, is that there is a lack of snow. And that is a big problem, and that is what should be discussed in the Forecast the Facts petition. When I was a toddler a news photographer took my sister and my picture while we were playing in the snow after a snowstorm. Behind us little tots, was a two story high snow pile. While growing up the snow was never less then knee high and fell on a regular basis. The snow started to fall in November and did not settle out of the system until March.

These past three years I have seen very little snow, and the snow fall has not been constant and has even been in non-winter months. Remember the October blizzard of 2011? That should be considered a talking point in the petition. It has become a new weather pattern to lightly snow then melt away starting in late November. Usually by Thanksgiving we would of had one snow storm, so that people could plan to spend the long weekend skiing.

I think Forecast the Facts needs to do some more digging on the New England weather pattern. Perhaps even ask the ski resorts located in the northern sates how much money they have been putting into making snow verses relying on the snow falls.

I am all for signing petitions to make noise, to make changes, but this non-profit got it wrong this time. I hope they do redraft the petition because signatures are needed to make Congress the entire human race to act. We need to do what we can to undo the damage that the previous generations have done and change the thinking ways that people are continuing with.

And to all the people who put the climate change onto Earth, don’t be blind to mankind’s ways. A little axis tilt, incredibly slow continent shifting is not going to have much effect. Yes the Earth goes through cycles, but this climate change is all done by mankind. Deforestation, species extinction, water pollution, air pollution, and lets not forget humans put giant holes in the ozone. All this destruction and you think mankind has nothing to do with the unusual weather we have been having these past 10+ years. Wake UP!