Early Spring Waterfalls

by Kimberly J Tilley

We recently took a day trip to northern Vermont to check out some of the waterfalls.  I have seen many beautiful photographs of Vermont’s waterfalls online and wanted some for myself.  I think, we should have waited another month before venturing up north, because Vermont still has snow and ice.  So, we left with intentions of capturing Spring waterfall scenes and came back with what appears to be winter waterfall scenes.  Oh, well, it’s not like we will never get a chance to go back.  And there are so many more waterfalls we want to see. 🙂

We left early Saturday morning and drove three hours up to the area around Stowe Vermont.  We stopped in at Granville Moss Glen Falls, Stowe Moss Glen Falls, Warren Falls, Sterling Gorge and Bingham Falls.  We saw turkeys, deer, and had the pleasure of seeing one Bald Eagle fly over us.

Moss Glen Falls, two different waterfalls in two different towns.  The first pictures are from the Granville waterfall, the second set of waterfall pictures are from the waterfall located in Stowe. The waterfall in Granville is just off the road.  The road is widen to allow for visitors.  The waterfall in Stowe is a short hike to get to, and does have a small parking lot.

Warren Falls.  This is a local swimming hole in the Summer.  This waterfall is located in Mad River Valley, Warren Vermont.  There is some parking off the side of the road.  Some trees are down, maybe they will be cleared in time for the Summer.  If you have a rock collector at home, this is a place to go. There are so many interesting rocks here.

Sterling Brook Gorge, Stowe Vermont.  To get to this waterfall we had to drive a muddy road.  There is a small parking lot, and you need to walk down past the bridge to get to the waterfall trail.  This area used to be a mill, but is now a preserve.  There is a hose propped up at the viewing point to create an ice wall, to help people from falling in I guess.  There are information posts at this site, but nothing I can remember mention the ice wall.

Photographs from Bingham Falls, located near Smugglers Notch in Stowe Vermont.  If you do visit this waterfall, parking is mostly in the breakdown lane, it does require a little hike.   After visiting the waterfall, you should go up the road a bit further for a good view of the mountain, Mount Mansfield.

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Here is a slide show of some of the pictures taken with my new instant camera the Polaroid Z340E.  This is my first time taking the camera with us on a trip.  I still need to work with the settings to see which settings I prefer for the scene or subject matter.  I think it is a very cool camera and we will become bffs. 😀

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My daughter had to do an adventure project and she used this trip for her assignment.  She said her adventure was the best, and that her teacher said it was AWEsome. 🙂

I want to give a shout out to the people of Vermont. I loved seeing all the GREEN Energy!  We drove by so many solar panels during our trip.  Thank you Vermont for using Eco-friendly energy and for being a clean state, I don’t think we saw any trash on the roads. 😀