Blooming in Maudslay

by Kimberly J Tilley

What a rainy weekend we had.  There was  a little break on Sunday and we took a chance to get outside and  visited Maudslay State Park.  We had a nice walk through of the gardens.  Not everything is blooming yet but there was a good amount of lilacs, rhododendron, and plenty of dandelions.  On one of the walkways, there was a small patch in the grass that was pretty much filled with only dandelions.  We had to pull out the youngest fast, if she  could, she would have just stayed there and then she would have passed out from blowing all the seeds off of the flowers.

Maudslay is a favorite park for us to visit.  It is large, quiet, and friendly. And with many trails we don’t have to see the same scene over and over.   Here are a few pictures I took of the flowers, trees, and one of the walled garden walls, and of one of the stone bridges in the park.