The Gem of Franconia Notch

by Kimberly J Tilley

It has been a busy Summer for us. We have had many trips and spent some time with some family members, even met a few for the first time. I have yet to go through all the folders, but this one is my favorite. I really enjoyed going through the photographs that I took of the landscape at Franconia Notch State Park, The Flume & Gorge.

I have broken up the pictures into two categories.  There is a little over forty images in total shared in this post. Most of the pictures are in black and white.  It’s my preferred choice.  I just adore black and white, and the sepia tones.

The pictures are in no particular order.  Sorry if you were thinking you could just have a visual walk through of the park.  But I did group the featured points of interest together. 😀 Starting with the giant water slide; Table Rock. Then the Gorge, Avalanche Falls, The Pool and Liberty Falls.  Then the water gallery finishes off with pictures of the brooks and rivers.

The Water Gallery

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Rocks, Trees and Roots Gallery

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A view of the mountain landscape in the area.

This was a little Orb Weaver we stopped to watch, well at-least the grown-ups did. The kids just kept walking. They were in a hurry to get to the waterfall. HAHA, after we got to the gorge, they complained about how cold it was! This spider was at the first covered bridge. It was making a web from the roof top of the covered bridge, to the rock on the ground at the edge of the river bed.

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