Mountain Views of Western N.H.

by Kimberly J Tilley

In mid August we took a hike up Mount Cardigan in Alexandria/Orange NH.  It was a lovely day.  It was not muggy nor too hot.  But even tho the weather was perfect,  I had a rough start to the hike.  I had acquired an upset stomach while journeying to the top of the mountain. Things got better for me after I finally reached the top and was able to rest in the cold air while others on the hike with me took to snacking.

The pictures are not shown in any particular order. The picture of the Evergreens with sneak-peaks of granite is my favorite.

After a long rest and shooting some of the views from the mountain and of the mountain top, we headed back down to the parking lot.  Along the way, it became very clear to the kids at just how dangerous things can get if you are not paying attention or being extra careful while on a mountain.  An emergency crew arrived to the mountain after a man had fallen.  The team made it down fine.   I believe it was just a broken leg, and possible concussion.

For more information visit the State Park website and create your own memories of hiking Mount Cardigan.