Want Need Love

by Kimberly J Tilley

Say good-bye to emailing and bookmarking all your favourite items online and HELLO to Wanelo. Wanelo is a website where people can add all the products they find online to one account. Most stores do have a wish list option, but I think this site is very useful in keeping all the things you love at so many stores in one place. And with holiday shopping creeping upon us, what better way to get your wish list out to family and friends then by opening a Wanelo account.

Wanelo is not just for shoppers making wish lists, owners can post their products to help drive in some traffic to their site. I have started to do this. I created an account yesterday and started coming up with ideas on collections to help shoppers find gifts for others. So far I have added products to six collections; Flowers for Mom, The Outdoors Dad, Fun for Kids, Keep Your Head in the Clouds, It’s Black and White, Beach House Decor. Here is my profile, http://wanelo.com/developingnature.

Stores do not have the option to add the product to Wanelo, so until they do add that option to the Share Link, we have to copy and paste the URL into our Wanelo accounts.

Wanelo is an APP so you can use the site on any device.

Happy Listing!