Image Transfer Art

by Kimberly J Tilley


These are some image transfers that I had done in October on some craft wood. They were a birthday gift for my mom. She was only able to walk away with the flower plaque because my little one claimed the butterfly box as hers.

The transfers were very easy to do. Just print (matte photo paper) a reversed (not always remembered nor necessary) picture, cover it well in Mod Podge, press the image down on the wood and smooth it out. Let it sit for a few hours. Take a moist cloth towel and let that sit on top for an hour. Take the towel and rub the paper away.
You can coat the wood with a sealant, protector, or apply a coat of Mod Podge. It will help protect the inks from environmental pollutions that may be present in the home like moisture, aresol spray cans, cigarrettes; and fadeing due to direct sunlight.