So Long to Summer

by Kimberly J Tilley

Excuse my absence,  we had a busy Summer moving across the country.
We bought a house this move (Yay no landlord), and there is work to be done. We are working on doing some improvements in the house, and I am also saving some furniture pieces from the land fill by fixing them up to reuse in the house. Here are a few completed pieces.

I’m not ready to hop back on my computer and work with my photos for my Zazzle shops just yet. By-the-way, Thank You to all the fabulous Zazzle shoppers for buying my art even tho there hasn’t been anything added in a while. 🙂

We also adopted a bunny one day when we went to a pet supply store to buy some dog food. He is such a relaxed and curious bunny.


(C) 2014 Kimberly J Tilley

When I get some more time, I’d like to post again (soon I hope). Have a great week.