R.I.P Grayson

by Kimberly J Tilley

Well this was not a post that I was looking to write. We had our first fur-baby death to deal with.
Last night our little Grayson died. I’m not sure what he was sick with but he never made the drive to the nearest 24hrs veterinary clinic, which was over 25 miles away.
By the way, can all clinics be open 24/7/365. It’s not like people and animals are only getting ill between 8am to 6pm, during selective days of the week. Keep scheduled appointments for those hours, but be open for all emergency care.

I’ve read that rabbits are known to hide injuries and illnesses, so I am not sure how long the sickness was manifesting inside him. We had him out in the grass Sunday and he seemed ok. But when we took him out of his cage yesterday afternoon, he had looked lame (he was not interested in moving) and he was wheezing a little.

After searching for an answer, I think it may have been a respiratory infection. From what I read, I don’t think Head Tilt kills so suddenly. And I wonder if he got sick from being at the pet store or from the shelter. He was dropped off at the shelter in June, then moved to the pet store in July, and we adopted him from the store in August.

The kids and I burried him by the fruit trees today after they were done with their homework.

We had Grayson for only 37 days. 😦


Our adopted bunny