The Wet Kitchen

by Kimberly J Tilley

Today we went ahead with the flooded kitchen clean up. The mold marking the dry wall clearly showed that the dishwasher was the culprit of the leak. The leak was going on since we moved in to this house, but we didn’t take any action until it came gushing through the outside wall, because the water was at first in small amounts that was misstaken for spills.

Lesson: give all spills a thorough investigation.

With the cabinets and tiles pulled we still wonder, is there more damage and how much worse will it be? We haven’t even gone to demo the effected rooms downstairs or into the garage, those rooms will have to wait a little longer. One room at a time.

Found: spatula, kitchen towel, spoons, meat thermometer.

Advice to people with counter top cookers, remove the cooktop and clean the grime underneath once in a while. That was a gross discovery.

Now, we wait to hear back about the lanolium floor before any more work can be done in the kitchen. We have our fingers crossed in hopes that the abestos test comes back negative.