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Take action to save wolves

Join me in helping to save wolves from Idahos blood lust by boycotting what Idaho is famous for, potatoes.  Lets hurt ranchers where it hurts too, by boycotting beef.  We have to take a stand and help the beautiful wolves before its too late.  Remember when you go shopping, keep potatoes and beef products off your shopping list.  The wolves and I thank you for taking part in saving their lives.

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday to everyone born on this day, 04 November

Alexz Johnson,

Eduard Kokcharov,

Luis Figo,

Sean Jean Combs,

Matthew McConaughey,

Jeff Probst,

Wayne Static,

Kathy Griffin,

Ralph Macchio,

Matti Vanhanen,


Carlos Gutierrez,

Robert Mapplethorpe,

Laura Bush,

Scherrie Payne,

Loretta Swit,

Noam Pitlik,

Thomas Klestil,

Dick Groat,

Doris Roberts,

Freddy Heineken,

Art Carney,

Walter Cronkite,

Martin Balsam,

Vadim Salmanov,

Skeeter Webb,

Princess Bang-ja of Korea,

Nikolaos Plastiras,

Will Rogers,

Henry J. Lutcher,

Pierre Girard,

Mary of Orange

Richard Sheridan,

Guido Reni,

King Edward V of England

King Alphonso II of Naples