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American Desert Horses

During this past week, I have added a series of photographs (4 to be exact) of horses that we saw in a southwestern state to my Zazzle shop, Developing Nature. This was a small group of horses, there was only 7 in line-of-sight for the group shot. I did like how the speckled horse paid attention to us, it made him stand out more. The other horses were busy with grazing or regrouping and wondering what was over the hills to notice us. The landscape had a canyon wall and there was a few spots of vegetation scattered about the rocky red and tan sand. The sky was covered with a haze from fires.
The photographs do have film grain and seem to resemble a painting more than a photograph, but there was no effect added. The photographs have been placed on many items to decorate your home or office, and a few merchandise items that could be sent out as gifts to a loved one, like a belt buckle or a charm.

Aquatic Art

I went through my files looking for an image to use in a design. Upon my search, I became distracted when I discovered some images that, well, had slow motion blur, and I liked them. They looked like abstract paintings to me. I decided to remove the current photographs that I had previously uploaded to my FineArtAmerica account and add these aquatic images.

There are Hammerhead Sharks, Seals and Sea Lions, a Leafy Seadragon, jellyfish, and a Green Moray Eel, plus a sea fan, a clownfish, a lionfish, a cardinal fish, a China Rockfish, a barracuda, a butterfly fish, and a grouper.

You can view the collection of photographs here,