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Fab 14 from 2014

First, we brought home a new bunny recently. He was another bunny discarded because a girl out grew interest in her gift. He was named Sven; yes after the reindeer on Frozen. He likes to hold his ears out to the side. If he was more white, his name would have been Olaf. lol


Sven the bunny. (C) 2014 Kimberly J Tilley.

Our dog and cat took better to him than when we brought Grayson home. He is a curious bunny that goes non-stop. He needs some training tho. He likes to jump into the flower pots that are on the floor and dig, so he now has a designated area in a dirt patch outside to release his energy.

I have gone through and picked a few of my favorite photographs that I took this year to showcase in this post. I haven’t been able to do much work this year due to the move, house issues, and right now I am currently fighting a pain in my dominant hand. I have no idea why it hurts, but I cannot wait for it to heal and to be pain free.

Here are my best picks of 2014. I was grateful that there were less photographs to review this year than previous years. A post like this will not be regular. Enjoy viewing the gallery.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year celebration! Here’s to a great 2015! 🙂 CHEERS!

Fantasy Horse Art

I have a plan to update my sites during these first months of 2013, and maybe get into the habit of doing it regularly this year. 🙂 To start, I am starting with some equine fantasy art for my digital artwork store on Zazzle, I have created three pieces and added them to the store this week. Below you can find a sample and a description of the work. Click on the image or title to go to the store and see more.

Running the Beach is an image of a woman horseback riding at the ocean. The piece was created using some tubes and one of my photographs of ocean waves. I gave the image a paint effect in Photoshop.
Running the Beach Canvas Print
Running the Beach Canvas Print

Rainbow Maker is of a flying unicorn creating rainbows with her magic. I created the image with a few tubes and one of my landscape photographs of a green hill with some clouds passing by. The image was then processed through some paint effects in Photoshop.
Rainbow Maker Canvas Print
Rainbow Maker Canvas Print

Fantasy Horses features a brown pegasus, white unicorn, and a colorful hippocampus (mermaid horse) on a textured pink-brown-green background. This art piece was created with tubes and textures and a paint effect in Photoshop.
Fantasy Horses Canvas Print
Fantasy Horses Canvas Print