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4×6 Insects & Sets

I have added some 4″x6″ glossy prints to Etsy. There are butterflies, a moth, a dragonfly, and a beetle. There are sets of prints that are a group of shots that go together. There is a triptyct of a hummingbird feeding on honeysuckle. A set of black and white prints showing a buffalo walking the Yellowstone landscape. A mother deer with her baby running by a lake. A set of wild ponies in black and white.



Walking with the Sun

I went for a stroll in the yard looking for anything to photograph. The snow is gone, the birds are singing and nesting, it is time to hunt for some great Spring time images. The crab apple tree is filling up with red blossoms, there were two yellow daffodils (one now lives in a cup of water), and I found lots of violets.
I found this young Walking Stick on what I think might be some type of a rose bush. It has never bloomed, and it is a bit vine”y”, and man-o-man does it have some sharp-pointy thorns. I’ve decided to showcase this set of photographs. Not a group of sharp-focus photographs, but you should be-able to tell what is what. I’ve captured some sun flares to go with the scene. I normally try my best to avoid flares, but I took a chance with the flares this time.

I cooled the photographs in Photoshop just by changing the white balance settings. That is why the photos are so blue. I think they are a bit dreamy or fantasy, not too realistic. I find the images interesting. Let me know what you think.